Guitar Analyzer ScreenshotGuitar Analyzer Scales

Guitar Analyzer Software takes guitar scale mastery to higher analytical levels. Scale modes can be learned understood and analyzed in dimensions like never before. You can analyze scale mode harmony charts to each degree of a scale with a couple of clicks of a mouse. The scale formula analysis lets you see the formula to notes and see the step spacing of the intervals.

There is a music staff to display notes selecting sharps and flats, with or without the key signature. There is a note player that will play the primary or secondary scale so you can hear what each sounds like. On the animated guitar fretboard you can analyze scales to scales, scale to arpeggios and see how the the secondary scale or arpeggio fits within the octave of the primary scale. You can select fingerings from 1 octave up to 3 octaves and 3 shape group views for standard tuning.

The Scale fingering selection algorithm is massive it takes scale analysis to next level that can’t be matched by no other software. You can select notes, intervals and finger placement for finger per fret or modified. Scales can be selected from four Scale Categories – Diatonic, Pentatonic – Blues, Exotic and Synthetic Scales.

You can choose primary scales or scale modes to display the full harmony chart of the scale and you can select the degree of each scale. You can select a secondary type – scales, arpeggios or both types for the select scale mode degree. The drop down selector moves in line to that scale degree on the harmony chart. The selected secondary scale or arpeggio displays on the top of the 3 formula interval step views and the notes are bordered for that secondary selection on the animated fretboard. The octave root notes have square shapes and the octaves notes can be color separated.

The Guitar Analyzer Software will run on Windows ( Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) Operating Systems.


50 Blues Backing Tracks

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Slomo Director SoftwareUsing digital videos to learn new skills like playing guitar, is the most exciting advance since computers were invented.

The big problem is that most of the benefit is lost if you don’t have the ability to loop, slow down and repeat small sections of videos and maintain the pitch so that the sound is unchanged.

It’s no good slowing down a music tuition video for example if the voiceover sounds like Darth Vader on tranquilizers and the instrument sounds like a ‘wound down’ gramophone.

But no one ever designed a video viewing program that was specialist enough to do the very specific job of slowing, looping and repeating for the sole purpose of learning a new skill.

Paul Gilbert Intens Rock1&2 DVD

Jamorama Guitar CourseThe Ultimate Shortcut to Guitar Mastery?
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Ear Pro 5 Software“Advanced ear training software for all musicians.”
EarMaster is the ideal method to train your aural skills and practice music theory.
Enhance your musical education, prepare for ear training exams, and start becoming a better musican today with EarMaster Pro. Train efficiently with the progressive tutor lesons: 450 lessons from Classical music to Rock and 211 lessons dedicated to Jazz music, or use the customized mode to create your own drills and train according to your precise needs. The lessons included in EarMaster have been created by professors of music theory and the EarMaster software suite is widely used by music schools, conservatories and universities throughout the world.
You can answer the questions using on-screen interfaces: staff, multiple-choice, piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, etc., or with one of the interactive answering methods available: a microphone, a MIDI instrument or simply the computer keyboard and the mouse.
You will be able to follow your progress with the detailed statistics and get contextual help everywhere in the program! In short: the perfect tool for the modern music student and the professional musician. Training your ear with EarMaster will help you become a better musician!

Guitar Burning SpeedYou will take your guitar playing to the next level. Never look back as you increase your abilities in all areas of your playing, and become a better musician which will give you the freedom and ability to play any song, any guitar solo, anything you have always wanted to be able to play!

This will open more opportunities to play guitar as well. Be asked to play in bands, play on stages and show your talent to the world.

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Transcribe SoftwareTranscribe!

Being a guitar player through out the years. I always needed a way to slow down the fast parts of a guitar solo so I could figure the notes out by ear. I first changed the turntables speed of vinyl record from 33 to 16 and later found cassette tape audio players that would do the same. The problem came when you slowed the audio down the pitch was changed an octave down and it was all garbled. Later there where digital audio players and software applications that would slow down music parts and bring the pitch back to the same. They were still always noisy and garbled and you could barley hear the notes being played. The technology is finally here and it has been done by the software developers of Transcribe MP3 player.

They found a way to slow down the parts and bring back the pitch the same and filter out all the noise so you can hear the parts clearly. There is also another problem of keeping track of the music parts of a song that your trying to listen in on. You have to write down the track time so you know the point of where back up to. This has been solved by making an audio wave activity graphic with a visual time line and setting in start and stop tap in point that can be put anywhere and be labeled with any identifying text you want. This is a one of a kind quality application that does the job.

Pitch Master Pro SoftwareA New Break Through In Pitch Recognition Training !

Since its release Pitch Master Pro has transformed the lives of countless individuals, who are now using their new found abilities to further expand their musical talent.

Imagine how it will feel in a few months when you can enter any music-related situation and know with total confidence that you have a keenly developed sense of pitch that far exceeds those musicians around you. Empowering is one word that comes to mind.

Pitch Master Pro gives you all the tools you’ll need to make this a reality, all it requires on your part is to commit to no less then 15 minutes a day… That’s right, just 15 minutes will get you real results, and not in 6 months, but in weeks!

Guitar Hot Shot Course

Well you are in for the ride of your life. GuitarHotShot was designed to make master guitarists. I want to teach YOU how to rip up insane leads, play super-complex guitar riffs and equip you with an endless songwriting ability. It wasn’t long after GuitarHotShot was released, that a new breed of guitarist began to spawn, some of which would single handedly receive 35,000,000 views on YouTube alone.

GuitarHotShot comes action packed with all of the top rated guitar lessons you have heard about, with 100+ Video lessons, Tabulature, Rhythm riffs, Hundreds of Exclusive Jam tracks, Solo Scales, and your skill level does not matter! The system is 100% step by step and easy to learn. GHS also includes all the major record label listings! We want to see you become a master at guitar then get famous!