Guitar Course Briefs

50 Blues Backing Tracks

Get 50 Blues Now & in addition to the
“Blues Guitar Essential Course”, You’ll Get
A Gold Mine of 9 More FREE Software Bonuses!

  • 12 Bar Blues Grooves MP3
  • Blues Slow Ballads MP3
  • Jazzy Blues Shuffles MP3
  • Cajun Blues MP3
  • Blues In G Pentatonic
  • All keys, scales and improvisation tips provided.
  • + Free Improvisation Video Lessons
Jamorama Guitar CourseThe Ultimate Shortcut to Guitar Mastery?
  • 10 high quality guitar video lessons that teach you step-by-step how to play some of the most impressive skills on guitar.
  • Latest Gear Reviews so you’ll know what to buy when selecting your next guitar.
  • ‘How to’ Articles that give you insider guitar knowledge so you get an advantage over other guitarists.
  • Inspirational Guitar Instructional Videos to keep you motivated and on track with your learning.
  • Exclusive Promotional Offers for the Jamorama Course.

Guitar Burning SpeedYou will take your guitar playing to the next level. Never look back as you increase your abilities in all areas of your playing, and become a better musician which will give you the freedom and ability to play any song, any guitar solo, anything you have always wanted to be able to play!

This will open more opportunities to play guitar as well. Be asked to play in bands, play on stages and show your talent to the world.

Get All These Software Applications Included !
  • The Guitar Scale Tool – $19.99 Value –
  • Easy Chord Guitar Chord Dictionary – $19.99 Value –
  • Metronome – $9.99 Value
  • Guitar Tuner – $14.99 Value –
  • 101 Midi Drum Tracks – $19.99 Value –

Guitar Hot Shot Course

Well you are in for the ride of your life. GuitarHotShot was designed to make master guitarists. I want to teach YOU how to rip up insane leads, play super-complex guitar riffs and equip you with an endless songwriting ability. It wasn’t long after GuitarHotShot was released, that a new breed of guitarist began to spawn, some of which would single handedly receive 35,000,000 views on YouTube alone.

GuitarHotShot comes action packed with all of the top rated guitar lessons you have heard about, with 100+ Video lessons, Tabulature, Rhythm riffs, Hundreds of Exclusive Jam tracks, Solo Scales, and your skill level does not matter! The system is 100% step by step and easy to learn. GHS also includes all the major record label listings! We want to see you become a master at guitar then get famous!

Guitar Success System Course for various playing styles (this is the secret to playing like you were born doing it)
130+ high-quality step-by-step videos shows you exactly what to do, at your own pace, right in front of your computer, just like having a private instructor.

• How to get the most out of your practicing guitar, which will get you great results faster
• A convenient fretboard chart shows you all of the notes on the board (a must for fingering)
• Quizzes for each Guitar Success System lesson, so you can be sure you’re picking up everything you’re being exposed to
• Blank scale, chord and manuscript charts so you don’t have to buy them for yourself (just make copies!)
• How to join a band, which is the best way to build practical skills