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Guitar Analyzer ScreenshotGuitar Analyzer Scales

Guitar Analyzer Software takes guitar scale mastery to higher analytical levels. Scale modes can be learned understood and analyzed in dimensions like never before. You can analyze scale mode harmony charts to each degree of a scale with a couple of clicks of a mouse. The scale formula analysis lets you see the formula to notes and see the step spacing of the intervals.

There is a music staff to display notes selecting sharps and flats, with or without the key signature. There is a note player that will play the primary or secondary scale so you can hear what each sounds like. On the animated guitar fretboard you can analyze scales to scales, scale to arpeggios and see how the the secondary scale or arpeggio fits within the octave of the primary scale. You can select fingerings from 1 octave up to 3 octaves and 3 shape group views for standard tuning.

The Scale fingering selection algorithm is massive it takes scale analysis to next level that can’t be matched by no other software. You can select notes, intervals and finger placement for finger per fret or modified. Scales can be selected from four Scale Categories – Diatonic, Pentatonic – Blues, Exotic and Synthetic Scales.

You can choose primary scales or scale modes to display the full harmony chart of the scale and you can select the degree of each scale. You can select a secondary type – scales, arpeggios or both types for the select scale mode degree. The drop down selector moves in line to that scale degree on the harmony chart. The selected secondary scale or arpeggio displays on the top of the 3 formula interval step views and the notes are bordered for that secondary selection on the animated fretboard. The octave root notes have square shapes and the octaves notes can be color separated.

The Guitar Analyzer Software will run on Windows ( Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) Operating Systems.