Guitar Analyzer Software

Guitar Analyzer Software takes guitar scale mastery to higher analytical levels. Scale modes can be learned understood and analyzed in dimensions like never before. You can analyze scale mode harmony charts to each degree of a scale with a couple of clicks of a mouse. The scale formula analysis lets you see the formula to […]

SloMo Director Software

Using digital videos to learn new skills like playing guitar, is the most exciting advance since computers were invented. The big problem is that most of the benefit is lost if you don’t have the ability to loop, slow down and repeat small sections of videos and maintain the pitch so that the sound is […]

Ear Master Pro 5 Software

“Advanced ear training software for all musicians.” EarMaster is the ideal method to train your aural skills and practice music theory. Enhance your musical education, prepare for ear training exams, and start becoming a better musican today with EarMaster Pro. Train efficiently with the progressive tutor lesons: 450 lessons from Classical music to Rock and […]

Transcribe Software

Transcribe! Being a guitar player through out the years. I always needed a way to slow down the fast parts of a guitar solo so I could figure the notes out by ear. I first changed the turntables speed of vinyl record from 33 to 16 and later found cassette tape audio players that would […]

Pitch Master Pro Software

A New Break Through In Pitch Recognition Training ! Since its release Pitch Master Pro has transformed the lives of countless individuals, who are now using their new found abilities to further expand their musical talent. Imagine how it will feel in a few months when you can enter any music-related situation and know with […]

Guitar Pro 6 Brief

Guitar Pro 6 – What makes this software so cool is the dynamic keyboard and dynamic fretboard that you see here in the photo below. It plays along note for note while playing back your song in the staff and tab player. The sound is crystal clear quality and you can find shared song files […]